[ 28/07/2003 ] Im off to code!
Well i'm off to code, to put here the first version of the program. just wait a few days! SF hosting my project really boosted my morale!
[ 28/07/2000 ] A Cool webpage!
I now have a cool webpage for my project, i got it from Open Source Web Design :-) by the way, i forgot to thank sourceforge for hosting my project, THANKS SF!!!!
[ 28/07/2003 ] My new project!
Welcome to my new project cddb, this doesnt have anything to do with the protocol used to get the names of the artists and musics from cds :-) This a program that i was trying to find for a long time but didn't find any. Like myself and every normal person has data cds with mp3 albuns (downloaded from the net, or home ripped), and they know that it's hard to find out what are in each cd, so i'm doing this database program to keep a record of each cd, but the best thing is that this is CONSOLE based, cause real men use the console.
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